Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Wheels Come Off on the Tarmac

It didn't take long, but the Bosnia story has completely gotten away from the Clinton campaign. The other day I said that she "forgets other people were there." Well, maybe Sinbad didn't think to record the whole thing, but CBS news did.

As with nearly all of her campaign's backtracking, the spin on this story certainly doesn't fail to dig a deeper hole. First, the campaign claimed that although there may not have been actual fire at the airport, there were certainly warnings and that she was entering a potentially "hostile area." Again, this tends to be the case with areas that have recently ceased to be an official war zone.

But the campaign misses the point. If all she had meant to say was that she had made trips to areas around the globe ravaged by war, she would have been correct, and her rebuttal in this instance would make sense.

But that isn't the case. She felt compelled to make it seem like she'd seen action, as if dodging bullets was somehow a major Presidential criteria for a large portion of the population.

In truth, she's told the story several times. As with John McCain repeatedly 'misspeaking,' the excuse only works if you flub once. She told the story in a slightly-less-embellished fashion before. That prompted Sinbad's comments, and it was after she was refuted that she retold the story in its current--recently-deceased, rather-- incarnation. The exaggerated re-telling came on St. Patrick's Day in a prepared speech. When you screw up on the fly, it's 'misspeaking.' But when you misrepresent the truth in a prepared statement, some may venture to call it 'lying.'

What's even more amusing to me is that even in a faux-apologetic state, Clinton found a way to insert even more bullshit, saying, "I was also told the greeting ceremony had been moved away from the tarmac but that there was this 8-year-old girl and I can‘t rush by her. I‘ve got to go at least greet her." (Referring to the girl she meets on the tarmac, as seen in the above video.)

There you have it. She was going to worry about her own head, but being the superior citizen and lover of children that she is, she couldn't resist stopping to listen to a poem from a child that somehow made it onto the front lines of a war zone.

She can't resist the urge when caught in a blatant lie to try and construe herself as the sympathetic character in the story.

What really gets me is that somebody as politically shrewd a Clinton is by nearly all accounts could simply bank on no one having footage of the ceremony. Did she really think it wasn't going to end up on You Tube? How is that possible?

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