Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Calling Their Shots, Part 2: The Payoff

Part 1

John McCain, Monday in a speech to veterans:

For the first time, I have seen Osama bin Laden and General Petraeus in agreement, and that is that central battleground in the battle against al Qaeda is in Iraq today. And that‘s what bin Laden is saying. And that's what General Petraeus is saying. And that‘s what I‘m saying.

Karl Rove, in his WSJ op-ed dated March 21:

Almost the same number of Americans (63%) believe al Qaeda "would be more likely to use Iraq as a base for its terrorist operations" if the U.S. withdraws.

So maybe McCain took a couple days longer than I expected, but both Rove and McCain (presumably Petraeus as well) state that Iraq will serve as a base without the recognition that the US is responsible for creating said base.

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