Monday, June 30, 2008

Gun Bans and Slaying a Liberal Sacred Cow

Gun control has always gained the support of the same people who most zealously defend every other Constitutional right. Inexplicably, those decrying the death of the Fourth Amendment, rightfully in my opinion, over the new FISA bill do not see any logical dissonance by simultaneously opposing the upholding of the Second.

Sure, they'll quote a lot of statistics showing that guns are dangerous, and no one could honestly disagree, but they hold no such reservations about potential pitfalls of other Constitutional rights, so why on this particular issue? Either you support the Bill of Rights or you don't.

The usual sticking point is the "militia" clause in the Amendment, but, again, they cease to be such sticklers on the topic of abortion, a right which never makes an appearance in the founding document. This isn't a post about abortion, but if you can pull a "right to privacy" argument from the text of the Constitution, you can't then demand that full weight be given to a single, outdated word.

From a practical perspective, the gun ban had absolutely no effect on the murder rate in the District of Columbia during its lifetime. It would seem that someone willing to murder another human being may not have many scruples about defying a ban. Who knew?

The Second Amendment battle provides a nice capsule of our beloved two-party nightmare, as neither party allows for the support of all of the Constitution. The be a true Democrat, you must support the document in all instances save for gun ownership, despite the clear language. If you're Republican, you have to defend to the death the Second while dedicating your life to preventing the application of nearly every other right within.

Is there a rational party? Sign me up.

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